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Our Tattoo Education Program is a comprehensive training program for visual artists aspiring to become professional tattoo artists. As with a traditional tattoo apprenticeship, there are no tuition fees, however available spots are limited and the bar is set high for admission into the program.

Below, you will find the application form, but please read and familiarize yourself with our program as well as our basic requirements before submitting your application.


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Health and Safety

You will learn best practices of sterilization techniques, receive a blood borne pathogens certification, learn proper set-up and break down techniques, aftercare procedures, learn state and municipal sterilization requirements, and generally how to provide a safe and sterile environment for both the client and artist, including but not limited to our ethical standards and practices.


Professional Tattoo Technique

You will receive practical training on every aspect of applying a tattoo from mentors proficient in many styles. You will learn how to design with tattooing mind and apply your art style to skin. You will receive education on various techniques to improve linework, shading, saturation, and all technical aspects of tattooing. We will cover how a tattoo machine works, how to work with various pigments, as well as how to ensure your client has the best possible experience, and of course, how to achieve the best result with each tattoo.

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Business Management

You will receive advice and training on the various aspects of managing yourself as a tattoo artist. Some of these topics are scheduling and client acquisition, client relations and customer service, business ethics, basic book keeping for tax purposes as an independent contractor, advice on social media management and advertising, establishing a business entity, as well as payment processing and basic financial management practices. This aspect of tattooing is one that most mentors will not cover and can be detrimental to artists having to learn from mistakes.


  • Applicants must already have skill in visual art design and be prepared to show a portfolio of their work. Instagram and social media accounts showing your work are preferred while applying and are to be considered portfolios as well. If you do not have a social media art account, please be prepared to attach a portfolio to your application. 

  • This is an, unpaid learning program. While colloquially referred to as "Apprentices" the term is a misnomer as tattoo apprentices have traditionally been unpaid "Interns."  This is the case with our program. The applicant will receive an on-site education that will lead to a successful tattoo career based on their own progress and dedication within the program but will not receive regular pay until they are charging for tattoos. With this in mind, it is important to us that each applicant is able to:

    • Commit to a schedule​ (4-day minimum)

    • Be able to make ends meet financially without our program being a detriment to your financial wellbeing and general survival

    • Employ time management without burnout if employed elsewhere while learning to become a professional tattoo artist

      • We know this is a difficult ask as every single mentor within our program has experienced it firsthand. It is not our intention to discourage, but rather to be transparent in saying that this is not a trivial undertaking. It is hard work, a lot of learning, and can at times be stressful. Only those who are driven and truly want to become professional tattoo artists are typically able to overcome these challenges because they know the pay-off in the end is in line with their life goals. 

  • There is not a set timeframe for this program. Historically, many tattoo studios have required a mandatory 2-year timeframe for their apprentices to complete before becoming tattoo artists. We, however, expect applicants to work at their own pace. The time it takes to complete our program should be shorter than most traditional apprenticeship programs as we are seeking driven and goal oriented artists. Your progress and success is directly dependent on you.

  • Artists must be able to present a physical media portfolio in their interview. Tattooing is a physical media and it is important to see that an artist can draw without the support of digital tools as they will not be available on skin.  

  • Applicants must be prepared to draw on site during their interview. 

  • If you have previously begun an apprenticeship elsewhere, please understand that you will still be starting at square-one within our program. 

  • All applicants must be prepared to actively work and participate within a diverse community of artists and clients and treat each with mutual respect regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. If you're not prepared to promote inclusivity, empathy, and valuing an individual's inherent worth, please do not apply. 

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